About project

Period: 2015 – 2019

Industry: Gym and Fitness

Google: Google AUS

Gym and Fitness had been struggling with its online presence for years, and was looking for a reliable SEO service provider that could help take their offline popularity and build it into a successful brand online.


To stand out in the crowd and build a global presence was a big challenge for the company. Fitness and gym industry is crowded with countless names, so carving a niche online was in itself a big challenge.

We need to carefully analyze the unique needs of the business and spread the word to the people online.

Solution Process:

AnaSEO decided to figure out the USPs that Gym and Fitness offered and built a strategy that involved multiple elements of SEO. Here’s what we did:

  • Eliminated all the bad quality links that were pulling the website down.
  • Regular performance check of the website.
  • Performed thorough keyword analysis.
  • Strengthened the technical elements of the website.
  • Worked on the on-page SEO.
  • Created user-centric, SEO-friendly, and informative content.
  • Used content marketing efforts to take their online presence to the next level.


As a result of the continuous efforts by AnaSEO, Gym and Fitness was able to see a constant rise in its search engine rankings. Here is a list of the best performing keywords:

  • Gym Equipment Australia – 2
  • Fitness Equipment Australia – 2
  • Rowing Machines Adelaide – 1


By bringing the right blend of technical and creative strategies, AnaSEO Services helped Gym and Fitness achieve top rankings in search engines, grow its online presence and see a boost in its website traffic.